Kimono bathrobe, Desert roses blue, pure linen


New Spring/Summer 2022:
Kimono bathrobe in double jacquard woven pure linen in the Desert roses pattern, designed by Anne Rosenberg, RosenbergCph. The fabric has an open structure, yet is comfortably heavy, with a beautiful drape and natural crinkly feel. On top of making the fabric double, the jacquard weave inverts the colours, giving the fabric two sides – a light and a dark. The kimono bathrobe has a removable belt kept in place by side straps and a strap in the neckline for hanging.
Waist width: s/m 61 cm. m/l 64 cm
Sleeve width: s/m 19,5 cm. m/l 20,5 cm
Belt length: s/m 169 cm. m/l 171 cm
Body width at the top: s/m 66,5 cm. m/l 67,5 cm
Length: s/m 106 cm. m/l 112 cm
This fabric is naturally breathable, has great absorbency, is cool to the touch and pre washed for softness. Linen is a natural material and irregularities in the weaving occur randomly due to the variable thickness of the threads. These are beauty marks that give the fabric life and character. Woven and sewn in Lithuania.

The price stated in Danish Kroner corresponds to approximately EUR 241. Exchange rates may vary slightly.

Designed by Anne Rosenberg / RosenbergCph. Made from 100% pure linen woven and sewn in Lithuania.

Wash as little as possible. Wash inside out at low temperature, max 60 degrees C / 140 degrees F. Hang dry inside out to avoid bleaching. No tumble drying and no fabric softner. Pre washed – no shrinkage, but always wash before use. The linen fabric will feel a bit stiff after washing – this will go away as soon as you use the kimono.

Made from 100% pure linen in Lithuania. The environmental impact of the linen (flax) production is generally considered to be lower than that of cotton and synthetic textiles as the production requires less water and energy, and emits less greenhouse gas.

Ceramic artworks on close up photo by Casper Bayard Dühring.