Wool throw, Dot rose


Made from 100 % merino wool, known for its high quality and softness. Jacquard woven: Dot pattern reversed on each side, giving it a dark and a light side. Made in the European Union.

130 x 190 cm / 51 x 75 in.
Weight: 800 gr.

The price stated in Danish Kroner corresponds to approximately: EUR 114,2 / USD 121. Exchange rates may vary slightly.

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DESIGN AND PRODUCTION: This product is designed by Anne Rosenberg / RosenbergCph. The product is made in the European Union.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wool is naturally dirt resistant. Airing the throw outside in moist weather will refreshen it and remove odours. When you feel the throw needs a thorough cleaning: Dry clean only. To remove fluff or lint use a piece of Velcro (the side with the hooks) and “comb” the throw lightly. Electric fluff / lint removers can also be used.

ENVIRONMENT: The product is made in the European Union.