It is our goal to make products as we think they should be: Of high quality, beautiful, and respectful of both the environment, and the people who work with or for us. Contrary to the general trend, we have kept our entire production in Europe, much of it in Denmark. RosenbergCph is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is owned by Anne Rosenberg, who designs all patterns and products.

Beauty, quality, respect for the environment

Our ambition is to create products that unite beauty, quality, and respect for the environment, and the people who work with or for us.

Designed and printed in Denmark

All our printed textiles are designed, printed and coated in Denmark.

Organically grown cotton

All fine cotton items are printet on 100% GOTS certified organically grown cotton imported in loom state quality from India, bleached and printet at our production facility here in Denmark. See our latest GOTS import certificate here.

Social responsibility

All our bed linen is sewn and packaged at a Danish social enterprise, providing people with disabilities an opportunity to learn and work.

Weaving and sewing in the EU

Weaving of pure linen, linen/cotton and wool throw designs takes place within EU. Sewing of all designs except our bed linen, which is sewn in Denmark, also takes place in EU.

100% Peruvian merino wool

Our wool throws are made of 100% Peruvian merino wool and woven in the EU. Animals providing wool for our production has not undergone mulesing.

Feather inner cushions partly recycled

Feather inner cushions are made in Denmark from partly recycled material. No feathers from living birds are used.

No PVC, phtalates, PFOA or PFOS

All acrylic/teflon coating on oil cloth and canvas bags, laptop sleeves and purses is free from PVC, phtalates, PFOA and PFOS.