Tea towel, indigo blue


These tea towels have all the great qualities of linen: easily absorbs water, beautiful shine and drape.

Indigo blue selvedge visible in bottom of towel – seams along sides and top of fabric. Frontside indigo blue, backside off white.

Made in Lithuania by skilled craftsmen.

Linen is a natural material and small irregularities in the weaving occur randomly due to the variable thickness of the threads. These are beauty marks that give the fabric life and character.

Approximately 48 x 73 cm. (18,89 x 28,74 in)

The price stated in Danish Kroner corresponds to approximately 20,10€. Exchange rates may vary slightly.

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This product is designed by Anne Rosenberg / RosenbergCph. Herringbone weave 50% linen 50% cotton. Made in the European Union.

Always wash your linen product separately before use. Linen fibres may come off the product during the first 2 – 3 washing cycles. Check your washing machines lint filter before and after washing. Wash at low temperature, max 60 degrees C / 140 degrees F.  Do not overfill washing machine. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Line dry your linen. Iron while damp using high heat. Shrinkage 7%.

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