Lavender bags, Desert roses, blue


New Spring/Summer 2022:
Two 100 % linen fabric bags containing organically grown lavender flowers. Each bag has a strap for hanging. Place them in your closet among your linen, your clothes or on a hanger for a natural and summerly lavender smell.

Sewn in Denmark from left over pieces of double jacquard woven pure linen fabric in the Desert roses pattern, designed by Anne Rosenberg, RosenbergCph. The fabric has an open structure and the jacquard weave inverts the colours, giving the fabric two sides – a light and a dark.

Limited edition only. Packaged with instructions for use in cellofane bags to keep the lavender scent intact.

Size of each bag is approximately 6,5 x 10 cm. ( 2,55 x 3,95 in) hanger is additionally 5 cm (1,96 in) in length from top of bag to top of hanger.

The price stated in Danish Kroner corresponds to approximately 26,8 €. Exchange rates may vary slightly.

In stock

DESIGN AND PRODUCTION: Designed by Anne Rosenberg, RosenbergCph. Woven in Lithuania and sewn in Denmark.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Do not wash. Squeeze bags lightly to activate the lavender flower scent.

ENVIRONMENT: Contains 100% organically grown lavender flowers from Natur Drogeriet A/S in Denmark. The environmental impact of the linen (flax) production is generally considered to be lower than that of cotton and synthetic textiles as the production requires less water and energy, and emits less greenhouse gas. Sewn from fabric left overs from the Desert roses kimono bathrobes.